Four universities have worked together to develop innovative new competency-based courses to help prepare Internationally Educated Nurses to launch their registered nursing careers in Ontario.

Participating universities include Ryerson, Trent, Windsor, and York. The Council of Ontario Universities (COU) is working with the four universities to coordinate the project. Funding for the development phase of the courses is provided by the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

Applications are now being accepted.

Apply for stream 1 if you received a letter from the College of Nurses of Ontario stating that you only have competency gaps in one or more of the areas of ethical practice, self-regulation, professional responsibility and accountability, and service to the public. Applicants with competency gaps in the areas of specialized body of knowledge, knowledge based practice, and competent application of knowledge are not eligible to apply for this stream.

Apply for stream 2 if you are interested in preparing for the Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program by improving your English language and communication skills as well as enhancing your understanding of the culture of nursing in Canada.

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